Jonathan and I started the sex scene and I tried an open mouthed little kiss, and he just goes “mhmm-mhmm”. And I’m like “what the fuck is going on?”. End of act one, he runs backstage and just barfs. He had food poisoning and he locked himself in the bathroom. And I just stood outside and what did I do?

You laughed.


When Jonathan Groff stopped by to talk about his new HBO show Looking, he also shared what it was like growing up with Lea Michele while they were working in Spring Awakening together. And how sometimes he really did want to hit her with that stick! He also talks about glee, throwing eggs at her and spending the weekend together this saturday


SA Girls take over’The Bitch of Living’ #tbt #ATCUncovered - more pics throughout the day on Instagram (at Atlantic Theater Company (Linda Gross Theater))


At 2:15 Jonathan Groff talks about Lea

“I just want to do Spring Awakening again.  Where can we go right now to some bar with a piano and do the whole show.  I miss it so much.”

SPRING AWAKENING » LEA MICHELE (Wendla) Lea has been a part of Spring Awakening for the past six years and has participated in all prior readings and workshops, including the 2005 performance at Lincoln Center. A heart full of love… for my mom and dad.