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At 2:15 Jonathan Groff talks about Lea

“I just want to do Spring Awakening again.  Where can we go right now to some bar with a piano and do the whole show.  I miss it so much.”

SPRING AWAKENING » LEA MICHELE (Wendla) Lea has been a part of Spring Awakening for the past six years and has participated in all prior readings and workshops, including the 2005 performance at Lincoln Center. A heart full of love… for my mom and dad.

Title: Mama Who Bore Me
Artist: 2001 Roundabout Workshop Cast
Played: 21207 times




So I’m not sure how many Glee/Lea Michele fans are familiar with the 2001 workshop of Spring Awakening, but I thought I’d share 14 yo Lea Michele singing an original draft of Mama Who Bore Me

14 years old. fourteen years. Anyone who says this woman can’t sing or she’s just  okay is clearly tone deaf

I remember hearing this and crying.