"This is the greatest day of my life. I would be so happy working with flowers every day. How nice is this?!"

remyzaken: Look what I just found in my room at my parent’s house 🎤 #spring awakening

"Rems! Totes loves you since days ones when we started abbrevs. You are such a rockstar performer and an amazing performer person. I love you so much - Groffs"

"Rems - Oh my god, oh my god… God Remy! Let me go on top!!! I love you, you little bitch!!! You’re so sweet and so talented!!! We’ll have many sleepovers on BROADWAY!!!! - ♡ Lea Michele”

My cast will tell you, “Seeing Lea at a club is like seeing a unicorn!”

Jonathan and I started the sex scene and I tried an open mouthed little kiss, and he just goes “mhmm-mhmm”. And I’m like “what the fuck is going on?”. End of act one, he runs backstage and just barfs. He had food poisoning and he locked himself in the bathroom. And I just stood outside and what did I do?

You laughed.

Ciao Italy! You are so beautiful! I’m so happy to be here! 🇮🇹

How’s your relationships with Chris Colfer and how it began? 

If you hadn’t played Rachel on Glee, which other character would you have like to be on the show?

"I do have 14 tattoos, but I also do come home every single night and watch reality TV with my cat." -Lea Michele

I’ve laughed harder, and cried harder, with Jonathan than I have with anyone else. We’ve been kicked out of Broadway shows for falling into fits of giggles in the audience, and I’ve literally shown up on his doorstep with my heart broken. He always helps put myself together. After one particularly rough episode with a guy, Jonathan wrote me this incredibly nice letter, in which he told me that I would find someone amazing. He was going away on vacation and so he gave me a task to complete while he was gone, since he knew I would miss him like crazy and needed distractions. He instructed me to watch every single Meryl Streep movie while he was gone - and said that there would be a quiz when he returned.
What did your last text message say?