“When we shot the pilot, I met Cory Monteith, Kevin McHale, Amber Riley, and Chris Colfer for the first time. I had worked on Broadway with Jenna Ushkowitz and Matt Morrison before. Matt had been a friend of mine for years, and in fact we’d actually dated back in the day for a Broadway beat. But strangers or not, we were all babies and completely new to the big-time spotlight. Cory came from Canada and drove his Honda Civic all the way to Los Angeles. Chris Colfer was from Clovis, California, and had never worked professionally in his life. Kevin McHale and Amber Riley were two of the most talented people I had ever met but were also reasonably new to the television world. It was really only Jane Lynch who was known—she was the one getting the TV show its initial credibility. We all clicked like we were brothers and sister and were inseparable from the start.” — Lea Michele, Brunette Ambition (via fyeahgleeclub)

The “Glee” Cast Looks Back On The Song That Started It All

Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, and more stars of the Fox dramedy talk about the first time they ever performed on the Glee stage.

Glee comes full circle with the March 25 installment, as the two-part 100th episode celebration concludes exactly where the pilot did: with the cast performing “Don’t Stop Believin’” on the McKinley High stage.

BuzzFeed was on the set as the cast prepared to shoot the bookend performance and asked Lea Michele (Rachel Berry), Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel), Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones), Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams), Harry Shum Jr. (Mike Chang), Chord Overstreet (Sam Evans), Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson), Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester), Alex Newell (Unique Adams), Melissa Benoist (Marley Rose), and Blake Jenner (Ryder Lynn) to look back at the first time they performed on the now iconic stage.

Kevin McHale: Our first real experience on that stage was “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and it felt like camp at the time because we were all trying to figure out what the hell this show was. None of us knew what we were doing.

Lea Michele: And we got in trouble.

Chris Colfer: We got in a lot of trouble for goofing off during Matt [Morrison (Mr. Schue)]’s coverage.

Michele: When they were filming Matt, we were messing around so much that [creator] Ryan [Murphy] came up and yelled at us.

Colfer: I wasn’t messing around. I was very serious.

Michele He was back then, but we broke him.

Amber Riley: That was the first time — of many times — we got in trouble with Ryan.

McHale: The best memory I have is of us all sitting on the stage and getting to know each other in between takes. Also, that number was probably one of the simplest we’ve ever done, and it took a day and a half to shoot. It was also re-choreographed at least 12 times.


Lea Michele on the “Glee” set|February 19, 2014

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